Submit your Wordpress Site to Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is very important part of seo. By using this tools you can see your website structure. How many links are connected to your website, broken links checker, website traffic, crawling errors etc.
Here is the following steps for Submit Your Wordpress Site to Google Webmaster Tools.

1)-Go to Google Webmaster Tools in Google.
2)- Click on ADD A PROPERTY
3)- Enter the URL of your website.
4)- Now you will see this type of image.

5)- There are two types of Method for Verify your ownership of website.
6)- Click on second option (Alternate Methods)
7)- Click on HTML tag.
8)- Now you will see the code here like this

9)- Copy the code and Go to wordpress dashboard
10)- Install the plugin (Insert Headers and Footers) & Activate it.
11)- After that you will see the image like this

12)- Paste the code below and save it.
After that you have Submit a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. Click here...

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