Monday 28 March 2016

How to Add a Signature in Gmail

Many of us don't know How to Add a Signature in Gmail. It is also a part of promoting website. You can promote your website by adding your website link in gmail signature. Its steps are very easy. Follow the below steps for Add a Signature in Gmail.

How to Add a Signature in Gmail

1) Open your Gmail Account.
2) At the top right, click on settings icon.
3) Select Settings.
4) Scroll down & search for the "signature" section.
5) Enter your new signature text in the box.
6) You can bold it & add a link on your signature.
7) Click on Save Changes.

Thursday 17 March 2016

How to Change Your Facebook Page URL

In this post, you'll discover How to Change Your Facebook Page URL. Follow the steps for Changing Facebook Page URL.

1) Go to Facebook Page
2) Click on About
3) Then Click on Facebook Web Address.
4) Choose your Username & you are done.

Saturday 12 March 2016

How to Add Someone as Admin on Facebook Page

Facebook is used by everyone. Many of us are using Facebook pages to promote a business or brand. Sometimes, our facebook account is hacked or locked and we are unable to promote our page. By using this trick you can make 3-4 person admin of your facebook page. There are many fb tricks which we don't know.

Today I am sharing a best trick with you How to Add Someone As Admin on Facebook Page. Its steps are very simple. Remember, After making someone admin, he/she will be able to remove members or admin and also be able to add new members/admins.

Follow the Steps for Adding Someone Admin on Facebook Page.
   1) - Open your Facebook Page.
   2) - Click on Settings.

   3) - Now Click on Page Roles.

   4) - Fill the Email Address who you want to make admin of Facebook page.
   5) - Click on Editor & Choose Admin Option.  

   6) - Click on Save button & you are done.

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Thursday 10 March 2016

How to Increase Website Visitors For Free

If you have a new website and you have not traffic on your website. First of all, You have checking your website meta tags. If your website Meta tags are correct & available, use following steps for increase website visitors for free. Also Checkout -  How to Increase Website Traffic Fast & Free

How to Increase Website Visitors For Free

1)- Advertise Your Website -  The first step of your site for Increase Visitors is advertisement.The most popular way to promote your website free of cost is Ad Posting.

Classified sites are always free to advertise your site. there are lots of sites for advertise your site free. it is very easy for posting your site ads on classified sites. You have choose high quality of sites to post your website. Here are some Top Ranking Classified Sites, that you can choose to promote your website free of cost.

2)- DO Social Media- Connect your website to social media sites, and create a professional profile on those sites. Here you can find High Ranking of Social Media Sites, where you can promote your website free. You have regular post to these sites for getting more traffic on your site.

3)- Submit Your Site to Search Engines- If your site is not found on search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Submit your site to search engines, so that your site is index by search engines. Get the Top Search Engine Submission Sites List.

4)- Bookmark your website on Internet - Today Social bookmarking sites are the best way for promoting your website. Here are some High Ranking Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites.

Here are our some llasAlso view our other Important Post 

5)- Make sure your site is Responsive - If your website is responsive, your website have reached many people by using mobile, tablet, laptop etc. So, make sure your website is responsive.

6)- Target Long Tail Keywords -  Long tail keywords are more easy to rank high on search engines, more than other keywords, So Always use long tail keywords in your post.

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Tuesday 8 March 2016

How to Improve Keyword Ranking in Google

Here I will explain you How to Improve Keyword Ranking in Google. Here are some important tips for increasing keywords ranking in search engine.

How to Improve Keyword Ranking in Google
1)- Focus on Long Tail Keywords  - You should always use long tail keywords for your website. Long tail keywords are helping to find your website on search engines.

2)- Increase Website Speed - If your website have good traffic, but your website speed is very low. It is very bad for your website ranking. Search Engines can decrease your website ranking on Internet.

3)- Do Link Building - If you want to promote your website keyword, the best way is link building. Here my another post What is Link-Building in SEO & Benefits of Link Building?

4)- Promote your website regular on Social Media Sites - You can share your website links to social media sites. For Example : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the high ranking website and its are used by millions of people. So it is the best way for promote your website on social media sites.

5)- Put Proper Meta Tags - If your website missing meta tags. your website can not reach on top position. Put your website meta title/description, keywords, h1 to h6 tags etc.

6)- Choose the Right Keywords For Your Website - For promoting your website, first of all choose best keyword for your website & also check your keywords ranking competition & how much monthly searches are done on your website keywods.

7)- Publish New Content - If your website has new content, and it is useful for others. your site can be gone on top position.

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Friday 4 March 2016

How to Use Instagram on Computer/PC

Instagram is the best social networking sites, where million of people are sharing there photos, vidoes on it. it is the best mobile app which is easy use in smartphones. But If you want to use it on computer, then there are more apps which will help you to use it on your computer. Using it on your compuer, might you can faceing some problems. It is a mobile app & best in using in smartphone. Here are the best site for using Instagram in Compuers.

  1. BlueStack – App Player (Windows/Mac)
  2. InstaPic or InPic  (Windows 8)
  3. Gramblr  (Windows/Mac)
  4. Pixta  (PC)

Top 10 USA Classifieds Sites List

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