Tuesday 24 November 2015

How To Remove Unnecessary Facebook App Easily

Facebook is most popular social networking site where millions of people use it everytime. Sometime we can see unnecessary apps using facebook. Here I am sharing a best trick How To Remove Unnecessary Facebook app Easily.  Also enjoy my another post- How to Increase Facebook Likes - The Best Trick

What is Facebook Apps?
When we are registering some other sites with the help of Fb Accounts, we have to allow the facebook app of that site, so that they can publish unncessary facts on your facebook Wall. This is very embarrassing.

Follow the best steps for How To Remove Unnecessary Facebook App Easily.
1)- Login to your Facebook Account.
2)- At the top right side click on Setting Icon.
3)- Click on Settings.


4)- Now click on Right side on Apps.


5)- Now remove your unnecessary apps by clicking the Cross Mark.
6)- Check the box & press Remove Button.


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