Thursday 18 February 2016

How to Promote a Facebook Page Free Without Paying Money

For Promoting a Facebook Page, First of all Create a Stylish Facebook page related to your article. How to Create a Facebook Page. After Creating facebook page Follow the Instructure.

1) Join Facebook Group - First of all, you have to Join more and more Facebook Group related to your page/business. So that you can post your pages on those group.

2) Make Some Fake Facebook IDS - you can also promote your facebook page by creating some fake ids. Make some new friends. After that promte your fb pages on these fake ids.

3) Create a blog - You can also create a blog related to your business/fb page. In other countires, people like to love about new blogs.

4) Join Social Networking Sites - You can get help by social networking sites. Create account on these Social Networking Sites like Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest etc. These are the most popular Social Networking Sites for promoting any website or facebook page.

5) Use Images or Videos in your post- For Promoting your page fast, you have daily one post with good/fresh content. Use Images or video in your post. 50% of people are respond better to visiual images/videos.

6- Tagging your Friends- On facebook and others sites you can tagg people about your page. So that they & their friends can see what you have tagged them. The best thing is that about tagging, your friends of friends can see your post.

7) Use Shorten Links- Shorten links are more successful then long URL links. Example
Long URL Structure -
Short URL Structure -
Links are same but different in size. So always use shorten link for promoting fb page.

8)- Post at the best Time - Never post your facebook post any time. Post it right time when more of people are available using facebook. Early morning and night time are generally the best time to post updates,

9) Post on Weekends- Weekends times, Most of people are active on facebook. It is the best time when you can post or update anything on your page. And Increase No of fans on Facebook.

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