Saturday 12 March 2016

How to Add Someone as Admin on Facebook Page

Facebook is used by everyone. Many of us are using Facebook pages to promote a business or brand. Sometimes, our facebook account is hacked or locked and we are unable to promote our page. By using this trick you can make 3-4 person admin of your facebook page. There are many fb tricks which we don't know.

Today I am sharing a best trick with you How to Add Someone As Admin on Facebook Page. Its steps are very simple. Remember, After making someone admin, he/she will be able to remove members or admin and also be able to add new members/admins.

Follow the Steps for Adding Someone Admin on Facebook Page.
   1) - Open your Facebook Page.
   2) - Click on Settings.

   3) - Now Click on Page Roles.

   4) - Fill the Email Address who you want to make admin of Facebook page.
   5) - Click on Editor & Choose Admin Option.  

   6) - Click on Save button & you are done.

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