Tuesday 8 March 2016

How to Improve Keyword Ranking in Google

Here I will explain you How to Improve Keyword Ranking in Google. Here are some important tips for increasing keywords ranking in search engine.

How to Improve Keyword Ranking in Google
1)- Focus on Long Tail Keywords  - You should always use long tail keywords for your website. Long tail keywords are helping to find your website on search engines.

2)- Increase Website Speed - If your website have good traffic, but your website speed is very low. It is very bad for your website ranking. Search Engines can decrease your website ranking on Internet.

3)- Do Link Building - If you want to promote your website keyword, the best way is link building. Here my another post What is Link-Building in SEO & Benefits of Link Building?

4)- Promote your website regular on Social Media Sites - You can share your website links to social media sites. For Example : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the high ranking website and its are used by millions of people. So it is the best way for promote your website on social media sites.

5)- Put Proper Meta Tags - If your website missing meta tags. your website can not reach on top position. Put your website meta title/description, keywords, h1 to h6 tags etc.

6)- Choose the Right Keywords For Your Website - For promoting your website, first of all choose best keyword for your website & also check your keywords ranking competition & how much monthly searches are done on your website keywods.

7)- Publish New Content - If your website has new content, and it is useful for others. your site can be gone on top position.

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